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International Collaborations · 10. January 2017
Training yourse for youth workers on tools for selforganisation

International Collaborations · 06. January 2017
In the end of November a brave team of trial&errorists was sent on a special mission in a french wine-yard: AGORA seminar, hosted by the amazing team of Via Brachy. in the frame of Erasmus+. The purpose of the one week seminar was to promote intercultural and social dialogue in the community by joining art, non-formal education and social work. Also, the seminar addressed the issue of social and intercultural dialogue as an answer to intercultural misunderstandings, social prejudices and...

International Collaborations · 19. September 2016
Deadline times: Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. is working on project application "sustainABILITY: tools for empowerment of selforganised youth groups and collectives"! Together with old and new partners-in-crime: Radi Vidi Pats (Latvia), Ye too ponese (Spain), GreenRope (Italy), Non-state private cultural and educational institution studio "Karas" (Belorus) and friends from Ukraine and Sebia! We are still open for 1 Germany based organisation, fitting the profile, to join the team! The main...