Visit our working space

Live introduction to our project

If you are a group and interested in our project, we will be happy to host you in our space in Berlin Neukölln.


Such coordinated visits usually last between 20 minutes and one hour. You can hear the general presentation or choose the topics relevant to your group, like share-economy, DIY, upcycling, community building, urban gardening, creative activism, green and non-formal education, work with refugees, publications and international cooperations. Also we can offer a discussion based on the topic of the presentation in order to sensibilize the participants towards particular issue or raise awareness towards the topic.


If you want to have some real making action but are short on time, you can combine the presentation with a mini-workshop. The mini workshops are like a small taste of our activity. (for example tetra-pack booklet binding, seed bombs, upcycled key chain). Moreover we are offering up to 90 minutes upcycling workshops on bike tube jewelry, T-shirt upcycling, dream catcher, banner bags as well as workshops on natural cosmetics, e.g. handmade creams, lip balm, toothpaste, deodorant, mascara and soap. The workshops included all needed materials and of course you can take home your freshly made DIY item.


These tours are a great way for us to share our experience and get support to continue doing what we do.


Contact us to coordinate your visit!


Choose what content you would like to receive:


Group size S (up to 10 participants)

Visit and introduction to the project - 60,-

+Coffee, tea and snacks: 15,-

+Mini workshop (under 60minutes): 90,-

+Workshop (60-90 minutes): 120,-


Group size M (10-20 participants)

Visit and introduction to the project - 80,-

+Coffee, tea and snacks: 25,-

+Mini workshop (under 60minutes): 120,-

+Workshop (60-90 minutes): 160,-


Group size L (more than 20 participants)

Visit and introduction to the project - 110,-

+Coffee, tea and snacks: 35,-

+Mini workshop (under 60minutes): 150,-

+Workshop (60-90 minutes): 210,-


Also possible: visit to our garden and a private Swap-Shop session just for your group!