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Hallo! Herzlich willkommen zu unserem wöchentlichen Blog!


Vielleicht habt ihr schon gehört, dass wir im Oktober das neue Projekt “Mach mal Klimaschutz” gestartet haben, um Nachbarinnen und Freundinnen klimafreundliches Handeln im alltag zu ermöglichen.


In diesem Projekt machen wir Workshops (Montags, 19 Uhr), Tauschevents und Netzwerktreffen. Über alle Events werden wir in Blog berichten, so dass upgedated bleibt auch wenn ihr kein Zeit habt um teilzunehmen.


Am Montag haben wir ein Repaircafe für Klamotten veranstaltet. Im Repaircafe treffen wir uns und reparieren unsere Kleidung, teilen unser Wissen und vermeiden damit neue Kleidung zu kaufen. Generell kann ein Repaircafe für viele Dinge sein: Möbel, Fahrräder, Spielzeug, Elektrogeräte. Wenn du selbst ein Repaircafe veranstalten willst, dann melde dich bei uns.


Für das Repaircafe: Kleidung hatten wir viele Materiale die die Leute zum reparieren verwenden konnten (Garn, Nadeln, Wolle, Nähmaschinen...), Sarahs Wissen und Repair Skills. Mit ihre Unterstützung, leckerem Tee und Kaffee hatten wir uns einen gemütlichen Abend gemacht.


Teilnehmer brachten ihre kaputten Hosen, löchrigen Socken, T-Shirts und Pullis. Und wir haben alles miteinander repariert.


Und das alles machen wir als Beitrag zum Klimaschutz, denn viele haben vergessen, dass wir Kleidung mit unseren eigenen Händen reparieren können und wie. Wir werfen unsere Klamotten einfach weg wenn sie beschädigt sind. Das praktische Wissen Kleidung zu reparieren ist nützlich um sie länger tragen zu können und dadurch Energie einzusparen, die bei der Produktion von Textilien anfällt.


Sowohl Produktion als auch Recycling von Textilien stößt CO2 in die Atmosphäre aus.


Wir hatten eine großartige Zeit im Workshop.

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Josefine in Kulturlabor: from Sweden to Trial&Error

On 10th of December our team got +1 member for a couple of weeks. Her name is Josefine and she is a lovely girl who came from Sweden to get some practical experience related to her studies. Josefine studies ”Intercultural Entrepreneurship” which mainly is focusing on intercultural communication as well as social entrepreneurship (social change/innovations and sustainable development).

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Reclaim the crafts: media stories

German - Ukrainian artists and creators exchange was here again. Berlin, September 2018.

The first part of the second version of Reclaim The Crafts is over and we've collected all the memories and results: photos, videos and even some poetry! Day by day on the webpage:

Check it out!


Training course in Berlin about swapshops? Yup it's true and yes you can participate!

Within this project we wish to explore and implement broad range of possibilities that swapping culture, especially swapshops, have to offer in the field of youth engagement and awareness building.


Therefore we are looking for participants who are: 

- youth workers;

- with diversity of experience levels;

- with experience and/or high motivation to learn about and try out the swapshop as a tool;

- with different cultural backgrounds;

- ability to understand and work in English is a must. Russian and/or Arabic knowledge is a plus,

- currently residents of for people who are currently residents of Germany, Latvia, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Palestine, or Egypt.


More info HERE


Please fill in the form found HERE by 25/8/2018 and send it to 


DEADLINE 25.07.2018. reclaim the CRAFTS: call for participants

Aim of the project “Reclaim the crafts: in search for shared values through creative activism” is to empower young people to take active and responsible role in their local communities.

Our main mission is to start a creative dialogue between generations and cultures, that will lead to developing hybrid-crafts and reclaiming public, common spaces, through mixing traditional crafts, that are losing actuality within younger generation, and street art as well as other "public space" art forms. Street artists and traditional craftsmen/ women are to mix their knowledge and possibilities in developing new ways of preserving and updating traditional crafts so that they become interesting for the newer generation and is seen as part of creative activism and active citizenship practices.

We are looking for 25-35 years old “agents of change” with civil engagement experience and access to the local community from Germany and Ukraine.

The young participants will engage themselves as “multiplicators” that will spread the knowledge, skills and ideas developed during the project in their local communities. Furthermore participants are required to participate to the master-classes with handcrafters and prepare and take an active role in the swap markets of knowledge and skills. The participants will be invited to adapt creatively the knowledge acquired during the master classes with handcrafters and present it during the public events in Berlin and Kharkiv.  More information in the Call For Participants!


Sounds like you? Please, fill the Participant application form and send it to us until 25th of June 2018 to Email address!

sustainABILITY: hands on

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GERMANY based participant wanted!!! Erasmus+ KA1 training course "sustainABILITY.3 Hands on improvement of self-organisation in youth collectives" in Brandenburg, 21.-28. october! apply asap, deadline - till Friday, 6th of October!
More information - please check call for participants!
Interested - download the Participant Application Form and lets go! Please fill the Participant Application Form and Send us ( ASAP or until Friday, 6th of October 2017!

Baikal Cleanup 2017, or Kulturlabor goes off-roads

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Kulturlabor @ MakerFaire

Letzte Wochenende hat der Upcyclers-team auc Kulturlabor an Maker faire Berlin 2017 Berlin mit DIY Visitenkarten Workshop teil genommen! Es war eiin hackiges weekend auf dem Maker Faire Berlin mit Kulturlabor crew&Freunden aus StartUpcycling und ReThink Festival #3 als auch virtuell Verbund Offener Werkstätten:
wir haben Müll gerettet, Papier geschöpft, Stempeln begastelt, mit eine menge von Leuten geredet, uns besser kennengelernt, rieesige mengen von Sachen mit unseren lastenrad Maureen transportiert ... also, schön! Danke euch allen für gutes Zeit, Unterstutzung und tolle Ideen für zukünftiges Zusammenarbeit!

Mehr um Maker Faire -

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Calls for participants: Summer with Kulturlabor

Hello, dear! Summer is here, with its sunshine, flowers, storms and ice cream. Inable to sit still, Kulturlabor Trial&Errror curious minds has prepared a wonderful program, filled with opportunities to join international projects, where we will be working on topics of upcycling, technology and analogue, environmental protection, waste problematics, reclaiming the public spaces and dealing with social inclusion and arts. We are searching for participants that are currently residents of Germany for the following projects:

1. Baikal cleanup 2017 (Burjatian Republic, Russian Federation) - international youth exchange on upcycling and eivornment

2. Reclaim the Hometown (Germany, Ukraine) - German-(east)Ukrainian exchange about public spaces, creative activism&civil society

3. Technological Upcycling (Italy, France) - youth work, technology & upcycling

4. Art2link (Serbia) - community art, Roma community, social inclusion, youth work

5. start UPCYCLING (Germany) - social enterpreneurship, upcycling, nonformal education


NB! Please check the target group of each activity as well as deadline for application. The deadlines and contacts, where to send the applications are different for every project! Note that some projects have more than 1 activity.




Join us in the adventures!






1. Baikal cleanup 2017 - international youth exchange on upcycling and eivironment




Type: ERASMUS+ youth exchange


Participant profile: 18-25 yrs, residents of Germany, able to communicate in English, passionate about environmental protection, have ideas and experience, good in social media and/or photography


Time&place: 11.-20 August 2017, Russia, Buryatian Republic


Topics: experiencing worlds most unique natural resorts - Baikal lake,cleaning up the sites from garbage, developing ideas for wastefree future, working in international group with young people from Germany, Poland, Georgiya and Russia


Deadline: 9th of June






- Call for Participants -


- Application Form -




2. Reclaim the Hometown - German-(east)Ukrainian exchange about public spaces, creative activism&civil society




Type: Meet Up! Deutsch-ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen, Stiftung EVZ


Participant profile: 25-35 yrs, residents of Germany, able to communicate in English, able to participate in BOTH encounters, community activists, NGO workers, good in social media


Time&place: 21.-30.july 2017 in Berlin, Germany and 31.august-9.september 2017 in Ukraine


Topics: exchange, explore and bring in action their ideas, ask questions in public, engage the local communities in social issues. Learn about and try out urban gardening, reclaim the space, creative activism and other concepts. Document them and share in the social media.


Deadline: 9th of June






- Call For Participants -


-Participant application form -




3. Technological Upcycling - youth work, technology & upcycling




Type: Erasmus+ youth workers mobility


Participant profile: from 18 yrs, no upper limit, youth worker, experience with upcycling, knowledge of recycled materials, interest in transdisciplinary work with technologies, education & crafts, able to participate in BOTH encounters, community activists, NGO workers


Time&place: Activity 1, Pompei: 01-08 September 2017, Activity 2, Toulouse: 04-08 October 2017


Topics: innovate in youth work by introducing new practices based on the combination of environmental education and technology-based activities,


exchanging on the emergence of digital youth work, sensitizing youth workers to initiatives around DIY and digital culture


Deadline: asap, until all participants found, or latest 30th of June






- Technological - Upcycling - participant - form -


- briefly about the project -




4. Art2link - community art, Roma community, social inclusion, youth work




Type: Erasmus+ Youth workers mobility


Participant profile: from 18 yrs. youth work experience, social worker/artist/activist/political actor background, experience working with or within a local Roma community


Time&place: Vranje, Serbia, 26.06.-07.07.2017.


Topics: art, visual language, activism, youth work, community work, social inclusion


Deadline: ASAP






-art2link-info-sheet -




5. start UPCYCLING - social enterpreneurship, upcycling, nonformal education



Type: local Berlin based educational activities & public actions, online course, international online networking in framework ERASMUS+ Capacity Building

Participant profile: 15-25 years, interest and commitment to participate in regular meetings and activities, experience in one of the following - social entrepreneurship, crafts, upcycling, environmental activism, social media

Time&place: Berlin, Juli 2017 - February 2018

Topics: social entrepreneurship, networking, upcycling, environmental awareness, participation in public activities

Deadline: 1st of July 2017


Project website -

Seven, Sieben, Siete - Kulturlabor’s Birthday Party!

On Friday our collective celebrated its 7th birthday!


We had a beautiful party with old and new friends, a concert from the wonderful Portuguese band Lavoisier, a gorgeous bar, an amazing buffet, and even a surprise pizza-stand outside. Then a basement dancing flour with music from DJ's Kathrin, Arne Herda, Rafi Gazani and Mezkalito. The Trial&Error spirit did it again! 


We are grateful for the presents that this spirit brings into our lives and our surrounding! Thankful for our lovely volunteers, friends and helpers. Those that came long ago and those who joined recently. Appreciating our lovely home here in the Braunschweiger street and our little garden made beautiful due to the loving care of so many hands. Thank you community!


Here for another year of kicking and making, swapping, sharing, teaching&learning, playing, gardening, traveling, meditating, lock-picking, bee-keeping, repairing, dreaming, hosting, partying and creating the world we want to live in!

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Call For Partnerships: ERASMUS+ TC sustainABILTY

Call for partners!

Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. is looking for partner organisations, NGOs from EU and neighbouring countries, to develop an application for ERASMUS+ KA1 mobility for youth workers about tools for selforganisation and youth collectives!


We, from Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V., believe that buttom-up, horisontal organisation and collectives are the key words for youth empowerment, participation in society and working towards the bright sustainable future. But how? With training course format sustainABILITY 3rd eddition we aim to work on tools for selforganisation - needs and values, community development, leadership, decision making, communication and project planning.

We cant do that alone - therefore we are looking for partnerorganisations from 6 different countries (+ 1 from Germany), that would participate in preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project - 6+2 days training course in Brandenburg, Germany, sending 4youth workers, burning for project topics, to our training course!

More information - read our Call For Partnerships!

If You are interested in the project, please contact us until 23rd of April 2017 by email - with topic “TC SustainABILITY3.0” - with PIF  and few sentences about  Your motivation/ contributions/ expectations&needs from the project. If You know someone, who is the perfect partner for the project, please do not hesitate to pass it on! We are looking forward to hear from you!

In name of Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V.,

Ruta, Masha, Ivan & Sabine

Berlin,14th of April 2017



Magic in Tajine. Study visit in Morocco. Part 2.

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AGORA Seminar - Inspiration for the New Year

In the end of November a brave team of trial&errorists was sent on a special mission in a french wine-yard: AGORA seminar, hosted by the amazing team of Via Brachy. in the frame of Erasmus+. The purpose of the one week seminar was to promote intercultural and social dialogue in the community by joining art, non-formal education and social work. Also, the seminar addressed the issue of social and intercultural dialogue as an answer to intercultural misunderstandings, social prejudices and xenophobia.

Other participating organisations were the European Village from Athens and Forme from Palermo.

The topics are of course super-relevant for our daily activity. Taking the time off-the-making to look at the meaning of what we do and how we do it was enlightening.

Much of the plan consisted out of presentations of existing projects and the problems they face. We got to offer our knowledge and experience and be supported when we introduced Trial&Errors activity, the Recycled Creativity Festival and the challenges we face as a collective. Our presentation included a simulation of the festival, with its chaotic charm, questionable dignity and very funny moments. Will some conclusions from this wild exercise be implemented in Recycled Creativity 2017? Come take part and see for yourself.

Towards the end of the seminar, all inspired by the different initiatives and the new people we met (and enchanted by the wonderful hospitality, extraordinary food and beautiful nature around us), we started focusing on future plans for projects and partnerships. The seeds were planted, some young plants might be growing slowly, but its too early to say! Fingers crossed and some work to be done in 2017 if we want to make it happen ;)

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