Don't Play With Food ... or do? Exhibition & Workshops

(DONT) PLAY WITH FOOD - everyone has heard this! Kulturlabor Trial & Error invites You to 3 day program on topics of foodwaste, communal and political and creative aspects of it, to play with food, not waste it !
MONDAY, 03.04. in the cozy Carisatt Laden, Steinbockstr.25
15:00 opening of EXHIBITION about political aspects of food production, foodsharing, SoLaWi, artistic installation and the story of Lebensmittelpunkte Initiative
16:00 - 18:00 FERMENTATION WORKSHOP - together with Lisa we will explore, how to ferment veggie and fruit bits

TUESDAY, 04.04.**Carisatt Laden, Steinbockstr.25**
10:00 - 14:00 EXHIBITION, Ladenbetrieb
13:00 - 16:00 communal cooking with rescued veggies that deserve a second chance!
THURSDAY, 06.04. at the beautiful **Community garden by Mondiale Berlin in Dammweg 216**
15:00 - 18:00 our Minifest "DONT PLAY WITH FOOD” with workshops, tastings, exhibition.
Opportunity to get to know more about sustainable ways of dealing with food in city (foodsharing, lebensmittelpunkte), ***taste bubbly fermented drinks, **paint with food scraps, ***dye eggs with natural materials, ***play with rescued food and foraged edible herbs

 Welcome to join us to play with food instead of wasting it! 



This event is organised by Kulturlabor Trial & Error as part of the SCHÖN WIE WIR campaigne, with support of Lebensmittelpunkte Berlin ,Carisatt Laden in Steinbockstraße, Campus Dammweg by Berlin Mondiale and all the volunteers and workshop givers! Looking forward to!