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Kulturlabor Trial & Error e.V. publishes books and is part of the Mašta Magazine network. Through our publications we share the experience of our work and our projects. As we believe in open processes, we licence our work under creative commons. Here you will find links to the online versions of our books which are all free for download. If you wish to support our work, you are welcome to do so!




SustainABILITY Training course documentation


“SustianABILIY: sustainable management of self-organised youth collectives”


This publication is compilation of materials presented and created for, during and after training course “sustainABILITY - sustainable management of self-organised youth collectives”, that was curated by Kultur-

labor Trial&Error e. V. with financial support of ERASMUS +KA1 mobility project for youth workers and took place in Wernsdorf, Brandenbug, Germany from 21. until 30. of November 2015




Werkzeugkiste - kreative Umweltbildung

Kreative Ansätze für Umweltthemen in der Schule.
Das Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. hat das Projekt „Kreative Umweltwerkstätten“ an der Eduard-Mörike-Schule in Neukölln durchgeführt. Inhalt des Projektes: Entwickeln und Durchführen von Kreativ-Workshops.


(* creative enviromental education in schools*)








Kreative Umweltwerkstätten - Methodensammlung

Ihr braucht noch mehr Ideen? Dann schaut doch mal in die Methodensammlung rein!


(* more ideas on creative enviromental education*)







Upcycle it! - A toolkit for creative recycling

A book with practical manuals, background information on different materials and interesting articles! Avaliable in English and in Spanish.


(*Kreatives Recycling auf Englisch und Spanisch*)






The Trashformers

D.I.Y. book about how to transform waste to useful objects, information about waste issues, decisions and exercises. The book is one of the results of the Trashformers Workshop which took place in Lauchammer 2012.


(* DIY zu Upcycling, inkl. Infos zu verwandten Themen*)








Recycled Creativity Festival Photobook - 2011

The digital version of the handmade photobook of the Recycled Creativity Festival 2011.


(* Digitale version des Fotobuchs zum Recycled Creativity Festival*)