AGORA Seminar - Inspiration for the New Year

In the end of November a brave team of trial&errorists was sent on a special mission in a french wine-yard: AGORA seminar, hosted by the amazing team of Via Brachy. in the frame of Erasmus+. The purpose of the one week seminar was to promote intercultural and social dialogue in the community by joining art, non-formal education and social work. Also, the seminar addressed the issue of social and intercultural dialogue as an answer to intercultural misunderstandings, social prejudices and xenophobia.

Other participating organisations were the European Village from Athens and Forme from Palermo.

The topics are of course super-relevant for our daily activity. Taking the time off-the-making to look at the meaning of what we do and how we do it was enlightening.

Much of the plan consisted out of presentations of existing projects and the problems they face. We got to offer our knowledge and experience and be supported when we introduced Trial&Errors activity, the Recycled Creativity Festival and the challenges we face as a collective. Our presentation included a simulation of the festival, with its chaotic charm, questionable dignity and very funny moments. Will some conclusions from this wild exercise be implemented in Recycled Creativity 2017? Come take part and see for yourself.

Towards the end of the seminar, all inspired by the different initiatives and the new people we met (and enchanted by the wonderful hospitality, extraordinary food and beautiful nature around us), we started focusing on future plans for projects and partnerships. The seeds were planted, some young plants might be growing slowly, but its too early to say! Fingers crossed and some work to be done in 2017 if we want to make it happen ;)

Happy new year everyone! Keep up the good work and don't forget to take time to enjoy the great people working alongside you! And come visit us, we are back in action starting the 10th of January, with Swap-Shop, Foodsharing Fair-teiler, Jam-sessions, Naturlabor workshops, Urban Bee keeping, Wintergartenlabor and all the good stuff!

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Lets do amazing things together this year!