exchange reports

exchange reports · 30. August 2019
I started my EVS in Latinovac, Croatia, very spontaneous: After a very nice skype interview with Ivan, one of our coordinators, he set me up with my sending organisation. After another meeting with Jason from Kulturlabor Trail & Error NGO, finally, aproximately one week before the project started, it was safe: I will spend my next two month in Croatia in an ecological center - the first time I will go abroad all by myself!! Whithout very high expectations (it all went so fast!) I arrived in...

exchange reports · 08. January 2019
On 10th of December our team got +1 member for a couple of weeks. Her name is Josefine and she is a lovely girl who came from Sweden to get some practical experience related to her studies. Josefine studies ”Intercultural Entrepreneurship” which mainly is focusing on intercultural communication as well as social entrepreneurship (social change/innovations and sustainable development).