Kulturlabor @ MakerFaire

Letzte Wochenende hat der Upcyclers-team auc Kulturlabor an Maker faire Berlin 2017 Berlin mit DIY Visitenkarten Workshop teil genommen! Es war eiin hackiges weekend auf dem Maker Faire Berlin mit Kulturlabor crew&Freunden aus StartUpcycling und ReThink Festival #3 als auch virtuell Verbund Offener Werkstätten:
wir haben Müll gerettet, Papier geschöpft, Stempeln begastelt, mit eine menge von Leuten geredet, uns besser kennengelernt, rieesige mengen von Sachen mit unseren lastenrad Maureen transportiert ... also, schön! Danke euch allen für gutes Zeit, Unterstutzung und tolle Ideen für zukünftiges Zusammenarbeit!

Mehr um Maker Faire - https://maker-faire.de/berlin/

Meet the team:

Ruta,project coordinator and co-founder of Kulturlabor Trial&Error. Currently working on projects about neighbourhood engagement, upcycling, urban bee keeping, gardening, creative activism and environmental protection. Superpower for the @MakerFare - DIY spirit, paper making workshop and networking.Judith - obsessed with  learning and trying new things (like handicraft,languages, instruments), linking (self-)empowerment and collective spirit. Passionate about revalueing and reusing waste as material and a source of inspiration. Recently iniciated a womens circle to exchange our experiences and knowledge. @Maker faire  am all in for improvising and problem solving, and maybe some stenciling...

Teresa, Starkmacher e.V., Start Upcycling - freelancer for educational projects and intercultural learning. My passion is to create space for people who would never end up meeting at one table…because in these spheres we experience the most unexpected and new perspectives we can imagine! At the moment, I am mostly working on an international upcycling project called “StartUpcycling” to promote employability through upcycling businesses and to raise awareness on waste reduction. @MakerFaire Berlin I want to bring in inspiring moments with wasted materials.

Ricardo, Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. -  graduated from Law School, Universidad de Lima, Peru, 2009. Registred in the Bar Association of Lima, 2011. Master Degree in Public Management from the University of Potsdam, Germany, 2016.  Experience in legal consulting and founder of a Peruvian NGO for the inclusion of children and young people with disadvantages obtaining skills and knowledge in project management.  Consultant in social entrepreneurship and currently board member of Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. and  working in projects related with urban gardening and youth workers Also, music producer and DJ based in Berlin. Superpowers - planning, event organizer, music freak, networking, strategic partnerships.
As well as Runa, Kiara & Carolina!
Book us for Your own upcycled chaos and we will the there - with our background of environmental sciences, social sciences, art, activism, community building and DIY!