Ukrainian Soli Brunch

join us for the cozy community Saturdays in Kulturlabor! We cook together, meet new people, share a plate of warming soup. Come as You can and wish - to help, to donate or simply enjoy soup! Meeting point - Saturdays, 13:00-16:00 in Kulturlabor Trial&Error in Braunschweiger Straße 80, 12055 Berlin.


we have united under slogan "Make Borscht not war", cooking Ukrainian and Eastern European delicacies as well as experimenting with eastern European kitchen. We always have warm Eastern European soup (Borscht and/ or Bograch, Latvian Hangover soup etc), salads, quiches, cakes. All vegan and vegetarian, Homemade, for and with help of friends from Ukraine!! With love!





Since 2015 Kulturlabor and friends from Artistania have done projects with initiatives and people from Ukraine. Now its our time to return the good deeds - we are collecting donations for small local initiatives of our friends IN Ukraine, who are organising help and support for people there:

* Viktor and friends in Lviv region, who are renovating houses to accommodate refugees,

* Vlad and his family, originally from Dobropilya in Donietsk Region, organizing support and medical support for families in need from their community,

* Vlad and initiative group Dopomoha_UA, who are collecting supplies and necessities for Ukrainian self-defense,

* Sasha and @kyiv_volunteer, who share free meals and last week have been collecting and bringing necessities to Bucha (we all know from pictures) and other surrounding towns!


we - a group of friends, neighbors and motivated helpers - all completely voluntarily. We organised ourselves via telegram channel, sharing tasks such as PR, cooking, hosting the brunch, or clean up! We are happy for new faces and creative ideas! DM if you would like to join the crew!