Handmade Natural Soap / Selbstgemachte Seife

Spring is a time to start/continue care about our body, mind and spirit. Trial&Error is also following the flow of spring. Soap manufacture workshop is bring us to the reflection about cosmetic products. Purchasing shampoo, soaps, tooth paste we often end up reading lines of chemicals on the back side of a package, wondering why they are so many of them, trying to imagine how all these components could influence qualities of a product and your own health. The cosmetics industry does have certain standards to live up to, but we can never know for sure if a label is completely honest with consumers.


On Wednesday 27th of April, Soap workshop was devoted to exploration of soap manufacture using cold method, which based on the mixing natural oils with lye. Palm oil served for hardness, coconut - for great bubbles, castor oil brought mildness, olive oil - of course softness and essential eucalyptus oil were added to increase antiseptic qualities. The soap was based on the mixture of garden herbs for creating a bar of natural and fragrant pleasure, which every participant brought back home.  The participants were exploring complicated and at the same time easy process of soap making discovery together with long-awaited spring time.

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