The Period Power '' initiative of young migrant women to raise awareness about the menstrual cycle, its effects on health and well-being, to improve the life quality of life of all women. The idea is to create a community to support each other, share tools and knowledge for a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly life, in harmony with our menstrual cycle(s).

We will host workshops on tools for wellbeing during the menstruation, understanding your menstrual cycle, meditation techniques, sewing your own pads and making beautiful clay vulvas.



07.12.22  CLAY VULVAS  19:00-21:00

16.12.22  MOON MANDALA  18:00-20:00


23.01.23 WOMB DANCE AND YOGA FOR YOUR CYCLE  18:00-20:00

10.02.23 DIY MENSTRUAL PADS  18:00-20:00


                      CLAY VULVAS

In our First workshop on 07.12.22 Mona Andreea Calin showed us how to make vulvas out of air drying clay.
Each participant managed to make their own unique vulva.
In the pictures you can see Vulva candle,incense and jewellery holders. Big thanks to everyone who took part in the workshop!