International Collaborations

International Collaborations · 03. June 2021
Kulturlabor is looking for Germany-based participants for an international youth exchange in Šibenik, Chroatia from 14.-22. July about plastic and environmental issues! Apply to till 15.06.2021 with topic "say no to plastic future"!

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS international online youth exchange on urban gardening
International Collaborations · 12. February 2021
Join the international community of the "Urban Remedy" community: attend series of 6 webinars on such topics as urban gardening, youth activism, communitz building, permaculture, seed sovereignitz and guerilla techniques!

UPD: FOUND!!! Volunteer wanted!
International Collaborations · 16. January 2021
***Join the Kulturlabor Trial & Error: we are looking for a long term volunteer in frame of European Solidarity Corps to join our team and do community work, environmental and neighbourhood activities!***

International Collaborations · 19. October 2020
We are looking for a long-term volunteer from Germany to join European Solidarity Corps project in Rustavi, Georgia starting from 1st of January 2021 for 12 months. The hosting organisation is an association "International Scout Center Rustavi" that mainly works with 6-23 year-old local young people. The tasks of the volunteer: To support the ISCR Team to implement ongoing events, seminars, outdoor and adventure educational programs for children and youth. To respond to correspondence from...

International Collaborations · 07. January 2019
German - Ukrainian artists and creators exchange was here again. Berlin, September 2018. The first part of the second version of Reclaim The Crafts is over and we've collected all the memories and results: photos, videos and even some poetry! Day by day on the webpage: Check it out!

International Collaborations · 26. July 2018
Training course in Berlin about swapshops? Yup it's true and yes you can participate! Within this project we wish to explore and implement broad range of possibilities that swapping culture, especially swapshops, have to offer in the field of youth engagement and awareness building. Therefore we are looking for participants who are: - youth workers; - with diversity of experience levels; - with experience and/or high motivation to learn about and try out the swapshop as a tool; - with different...

International Collaborations · 12. June 2018
Aim of the project “Reclaim the crafts: in search for shared values through creative activism” is to empower young people to take active and responsible role in their local communities. Our main mission is to start a creative dialogue between generations and cultures, that will lead to developing hybrid-crafts and reclaiming public, common spaces, through mixing traditional crafts, that are losing actuality within younger generation, and street art as well as other "public space" art forms....

International Collaborations · 25. November 2017
Atumn is harvesting time - in the end of October ERASMUS+ KA1 training course brought together 42 youth workers form from 11 organisations from EU and neighbouring countries . We met in PondeRosa, Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg to work arround topics of bottom-up, community building, youth work, young people with fewer oppotunities and youth worker empowerment.

International Collaborations · 30. September 2017
Call for participants - Germany based youth workers and collectives for ERASMUS+ KA1 training course "sustainABILITY.3 Hands on improvement of self-organisation in youth collectives", 21.-28.october in Brandenburg, Germany with Kulturlabor Trial&Eror e. V.

International Collaborations · 12. September 2017
How Kulturlabor Trial&Error eV team went to pick up garbage and do upcycling at Baikal lake, or Erasmus+ youth exchange "Baikal cleanup 2017 - environmental awareness and active citizenship of young people", that took place in Ulan Ude & Baikal lake, Buryatian Republic, Russian Federation, 11th - 20th of August 2016.

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