Louis & Sandra - Upcycled Interieur

schreibt uns und profitiert von unserem know-how!

Louie ist der Holzfachmann von Trial & Error. Zusammen mit der Designerin Sandra, konzipieren sie nicht nur innovative Innendesign Konzepte, sondern lassen sie auch Wirklichkeit werden. Echte Macher eben. Alles besteht aus re- bzw. upgecycelten Materialen und somit immer ein Prozess- und Projekt- orientiertes Experiment. Wenn du Lust auf ein solches Experiment hast: individuell, ressourcen-schonend, nachhaltig und voller Überraschungen, dann kontaktiere uns - und schaue dir auch unsere bisherige Arbeit an!



Louis is our woodworker at T&E and together with the designer Sandra, they don't just desig upcycled interieur, but actually do it. As you might imagine, it is hard to plan an upcycling interieur and therefore it's a very process based and project specific experiment. If you are ready for this experiment and you like surprises, you will be interested in this very resources saving, individual and sustainable design.

So just contact us - and check out our previous projects!



Examples of our projects and work:

AUGUSTE - 100% Organic Premium Junkfood in Nuremberg

In September and October we spend 1 month designing and building the interieur for an 100% organic certified burger location in nuremberg. The material we gathered for this project, was an old - halfy rotten and thrown away bavarian style balcony and fence. Plus the wodden formwork of a bridge construction in the close-by area, that we could save from the trash company. Also beloved Urban from the ancient monastery brewery Weißenohe let us in his huge attic to find treasures. He is always saving materials from being destroyed - for his local art gallery where he support artists. In this case he supported us with: no longer used boards for fairs, lots of wrongly sewed hemp vests, used biergartenstyle-chairs, an old ping-pong board and much more.

Also some elements like the windows were given to us by a nice lady that was sorting out her grandparents farm. Plants were partly donated by locals and pottery and glasses bought second hand. Moss ans some soil was colelcted in the near-by forest, stamps made by a local stamp maker. All lacks and colors we used, are organic and waterbased.


We were very glad having support from:

Fabrice - for his wonderful wood work

Mani - our specialist for interieur light design and installation

Tim&Jolina - the cutest moss collectors

Jessica - the queen of beautiful, special and strange plants

Seher - for caring especially about fixing the fette henne

Sander - for sanding, cleaning and caring

Chrissi - being always there when needed and doing a wonderful work

Paul - for fixing last minute building.