Edible Alchemy


Learn how probiotics can help you boost your health, improve digestion & your gut while enjoying the amazing flavours of natural foods.



Workshops will cover :

  • The difference between wild and cultured fermentation
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
  • Gut health and benefits of home-made ferments
  • Various stories of fermented foods
  • The process and how-to of topic at hand - of course using our hands to create our very own custom ferment!


You will leave our workshop with the knowledge and confidence to go home and get fermenting on the topic covered weather vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, grains or dairy! Your mind will be opened up to the world of microbiology in simple terms and we will become familiar to our very own micro-biome.


You will leave with a jar of custom-super kraut, or bottle of fizzy self-made soda or container of unique seed cheese that you made that day, in order to look forward to the fermentation process to continue at home.


Types of Workshops :

  • Vegetable fermentation
  • Fruit fermentation
  • Soda-Pops (kombucha, water kefir, ginger-beer / turmeric, kvass)
  • Vegan seed and nuts cheese and probiotic dips
  • Cultured dairy and using whey as a starter
  • Mould culture introduciton workshop
  • More !


More info : https://ediblealchemy.co

contact Alexis at alexis@ediblealchemy.co