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Kulturlabor Trial&Error

Kulturlabor Trial & Error is a Berlin based, non profit organization, working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, arts and media. For updates of our events, subscribe to our newsletter!


Umweltwerkstätte / Environment Workshops 

Since February 2011 Kulturlabor Trial&Error is reinventing primary school education. We are coaching kids of the 4, 5 and 6th grade of several schools in Berlin in environmental awareness through iinterdisciplinary and interactive working groups.

Schools involved at the moment are the Eduard-Mörike Schule, the Peter-Petersen Schule and the Konrad Agahd Schule.

The workshops are based on do-it-yourself experience, the concept of trial and error as well as nature walks and trash tours. The kids learn in an environment of games, discovering and discussion about topics for example:

+ How to change our perception of waste?
+ Wat is environment and what is my role in this environment?
+ How can I adjust my day to contribute towards a more a more sustainable environment

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In spring and summer 2010 Kulturlabor Trial&Error are building a mobile workshop wagon, with people from the neighborhood for the neighborhood. There will be 4 Upcyclingworkshops from Mai to July to build the wagon. The mobile workshop will be used to make workshops in public space, and will be constructed form 90% trash, sourced from the local environment. For more information check out our Kiezmobil blog.

Upcycle it!
A series of workshops taking place in Berlin, Germany and Asturias, Spain. Ideas of how to upcycle household waste into useful items has been collected throughout 2010, and will be published in a book with manuals in spring 2011. For  updates about the project visit

MAŠTA Magazine
Kulturlabor Trial&Error is part of the MAŠTA magazine network, and is involved in the process of making it happen. MAŠTA is a platform to report on innovative ways to address social-political problems and to inspire creative forces for social change. MAŠTA stands for creative freedom to transcend dreams into action in order to aid innovative solutions. We call it creative activism.

MAŠTA invites you and everybody to find and report new creative ways to act in society’s public space.
MAŠTA means whatever and imagination, and wants to inspire people to accomplish whatever they imagine is possible.

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