Recycled Creativity Festival


The last festival of the summer has an own Throwaway Society with creative workshops, films, discussions and music. Remains of plastic, electronics and paper is being transformed through creative ideas into new useful, funny or simply beautiful items. Recycling also works just as well with music and film material. In this year artists, volunteers and young people from diverse backgrounds realize the festival with their own interpretations of recycling.


For more information and the detailed program of Recycled Creativity 2015, visit, or check out the festival's Facebook page.



Recyclingbotschaft Richardkiez


Since May 2015 we have started a cooperation with Quartiersmanagement Richardplatz Süd to establish RECYCLINGBOTSCHAFT IN RICHARDKIEZ ("The Recycling-Embassy in Richardplatz Neighbourhood"). The project focuses on community building, environmental awareness, recycling and urban gardening as well as promotion work and consists of 4 modules

1. Recyclingakademie - swap shop opened 2 days a week, support group RECYCLINGBOTSCHAFTLER with volunteers from neighbourhood, regular DIY WS.
2. Umweltbildungsamt "Grune Daumen" (also known as Gartenlabor Los Tomatos) - urban gardening workshops with children from neighbourhood, workshops in schools, building a sustainable urban gardening spot in the neighbourhood.
3. Recyclingstrasse - participation in public events in the neighbourhood, planting actions, treasure hunt barround the topics of recycling and repairing in the area, building a public swap box in the area.
4. Recyclingnachrichten - spreaqding the results and ensuring the visibility of the activities through blackboard of exchaning private advertisements, publishing the updates of the project online and developing a PR material - map of initiatives and places for gardening, recycling and repairing in the Richardkiez.